Remind me, what is your excuse again for not learning or getting a skill?? Louder please

You say MONEY? Nothing good comes easy, you will definitely spend money to make money. Don’t forget Nothing is free even in Freetown

Ohh, you said TIME? Pardon me, I probably didn’t hear you clearly initially. Time waits for no one, you complain of time, let’s analyze the way you spend your precious time, the things that take more of your time what value has it added to your life most importantly, how much did it add to your bank account

Oh! now I get, you said MOTIVATION?? Is it that you don’t like money, living big, being successful and impacting lives, because if you do, that’s enough motivation.

My bad, pardon me,you feel is not related to your field of study?? Haven’t you heard that no knowledge is a waste, besides in case you have forgotten the world is advancing, no one cares about what you studied rather the world cares about what you can offer.

Ohh you feel you have connections for greener pastures? It is like human beings have not disappointed you before.

Ohh! you are still waiting to discover yourself or your passion? Let’s get something straight, passion in my own term is simply what you love doing and can’t get tired of doing.

That one thing that while doing it, you forget you have not eaten even when you are very hungry, that’s simply passion. Simply identify what you are passionate about and develop yourself in that area. Acquire skills that will perfect you in that area.

Time waits for no one.

I am not a motivational speaker, at least not the type that will tell you that “I picked the stone my ex threw at me years back and built a mansion with it today”


The type that will tell you that ” I started restaurant years back with 1plate and 1 tin tomatoes”

I just want to encourage you to get started.

Stop dreaming, its high time you started actualizing your dreams

Before I round up this epistle, most importantly, I will love to remind us that the world is becoming digitized and tech-inclined, hence the need for us to acquire digital and tech skills to avoid “had I known” in the nearest future.

If you are still confused about how to get started, I might be of help. If it’s not my field of expertise. I sure must have an expert in that field to link you up with.

At this juncture I beg to drop my pen and sincerely wish this write-up inspires at least you today.


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