Indeed, the greatest teachers in life are:


πŸ“ŒEmpty Pocket and

πŸ“ŒFailure .

story! story!! story!!!.

Before now, the fact that “heartbreak, Empty pocket, and Failure ” are the greatest life teachers sounded like a joke to me until I came in contact with one of them, and indeed it taught me my greatest lesson.

Some time ago, I invested my hard-earned money in the cryptocurrency business. Little did I know that the guy I was dealing with was a scam and a fake cryptocurrency dealer.

It was indeed heartbreaking, I invested a huge sum of money. I cried 😭 for days and even fell ill.

To even worsen the case, the scammer had the effrontery to call me days later and sarcastically told me not to be sad that he needed the money for his girlfriend’s birthday and that he is going to use my money to buy his girlfriend an iPhone as a birthday gift.

Chai!!πŸ™†πŸ™† I was desperately in need of someone to wake me up from that dream. I couldn’t believe that was happening to me in real life.

As if that was not enough lesson already. . A few weeks later, I heard of a Forex trading company that I can invest in and get my money with 30% interest back in 2weeks.

That was just too good to be true, I called the CEO of the company for more inquiry.

He kept emphasizing the fact that the company is not a “Ponzi scheme” company (Exactly what I wanted to hear at that moment). Sounds like great offer indeed😱😱 . He further made the offer more irresistible when he further explained how they generate their profit.

I practically knew nothing about forex trading or how the system works. . So I believed him totally when he told me that they basically trade with the money invested in their company which most times yields them 100% return on investment(ROI), and so it’s pretty easy for them to give the investors 30% profit.

The offer sounds super amazing, but the Igbo girl in me told me to invest small money first.

So I invested a small amount and in 2weeks I was paid without stress. . At that juncture, the greedy antenna in me turned ON.

I envisioned my self building a mansion before the end of that year. Mehn, I already decided on the car to buy before that year’s Xmas . I quickly calculated the amount of money that once I invest, will give me a return on investment that is equivalent to what I lost in the fake cryptocurrency investment .

I cleared my account without a second thought and further borrowed money from my mum and brother to meet up with my target . To cut the long story short, 2weeks turned to 1 month, 1month turned to 2month, then 6months and years and daughter of Zion neither saw her capital nor the profit.

It then dawned on me that I have lost my life savings in less than 2month and was also in huge debt.

That was when I started thinking about my life and the way forward. I couldn’t possibly ask my mum or bro for money, I was still owing them. . I kept on recharging from my account until I had #185 left, I didn’t even know First Bank can allow me to have as low as #185 in my account.

At that point, I had a feel of what life after school( when I will no longer be receiving a monthly allowance) will be like. . Is this how life after school will be?? I kept asking my self😭😭.

Mehn! I knew I had to buckle up and work hard. If not for anything, at least to pay my debts. I tried out lots of things(a story for another day) until I found my life purpose. The rest will be a story for another day.

I can categorically say that indeed heartbreak, Empty pocket, and Failure are indeed life’s greatest teacher.

My empty pocket broke my heart and I had to think straight by fire by force.


When you are hungry, you think straightπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ . Most of us only think about our future when our subscription finishes and when we are hungry. Once we subscribe, boom “future plans can wait”

This Covid19, one way or the other is presenting one or all of these greatest life coaches 🀣 to us. . Take advantage of the ones been presented to you and make positive changes in your life.

Rather than cry over your empty pocket, learn skills that will fill it up for you. . Rather than mourn over your failure, learn the necessary lesson from your failed action apply the lessons learned for a better result.

You have cried enough from that heartbreak bikoπŸ€—, it’s time to pick the stones thrown at you by that heartbreak and life challenges and build a duplex with itπŸƒβ€β™€πŸƒβ€β™€πŸƒβ€β™€πŸƒβ€β™€πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Every disappointment is a blessing


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