Why am I not as lucky and as privileged as my peers?

I really don’t have what it takes to achieve what I dream of

How do you expect me to compete with the best people in my field??

Mehn!! What are you even saying?? As if you don’t know that this country is all about connections, I don’t have the right connection biko(please) 

How can I even create good content when  I don’t have an iPhone ???

I am a Nigerian, with limited Internet Access and Power supply, How can I invent or innovate??  

Innovation is just for those in Developed countries

OMG!!! John now has 50k IG followers??. Ah Ah, but I checked his Instagram account last week and he had 38k followers then???  Does that mean he gained 12k followers in 1week and I have been struggling to get 200 followers in 1year? 

Its obvious people don’t like me, in fact, been overly successful is not my calling

Maybe, my dreams of becoming a great person in the society are better left off as dreams

My village people (predominantly believed to be the cause of bad luck in Africa, Nigeria to be precise) are very bad, they are the ones blocking my destiny. Always preventing me from prospering 

My mates are using the best phone, just look at Chidi, he just bought a car. My star(talent) is just not as bright as theirs. I hate to admit it, but it’s obvious they are just special unlike me

James finished with first-class?? How come??

I know I am more intelligent than James. In fact, his first-class certificate is because he went to a private university. If I was in a private University, I would have graduated with a first-class degree

My future is not in this country, I know it. My future is not in this country, come to think of it, Pastor Emma confirmed it last month nah. He said in his sermon last month that some people are destined to prosper once they leave this country. I knew he was referring to me. I know that once I leave this country I will blow (make it big time)

I am a woman, a woman’s duty is to be a faithful wife and a great mother. So why bother me in pursuit of career and ambitions knowing fully well that I will end up in the kitchen. 

The list goes on and on

Have you ever felt this way before?? 

If your answer is yes, then this post is for you. Trust me I have been there before

Those are the kind of thoughts that run through our minds most times. We try as much as possible to create a positive excuse for our failures and for not doing what we should have done

We try to blame our society, environment, schools, village people (predominant excuse in Nigeria), Financial Status, etc for not working towards our goal and vision

We become our own village people, preventing ourselves from prospering

You know, I also get really scared of working towards my dreams most times.

It’s totally okay to be scared sometimes or even most times but totally ridiculous to give up on our dreams

Rather than giving in to your fears, turn them to your inspiration. Let them be the reason for your late-night works and researches. Let them be your daily motivation

Fear has a way of bringing out the best in you. You are scared of being poor that is why you work day and night, from January to December. 

You are scared of missing heaven, hence your constant motivation in holding on strongly to your belief and God.

You study for your exam because you are scared of failing 


Don’t ever compare yourself unduly to others. People’s success should inspire you and not make you feel worthless. 

The next time you want to compare yourself to your mates that are already living big, remember that you also have mates that are very sick in the hospital, remember that you have mates that are in prison justly or unjustly, remember that you have mates that don’t even have a phone to read this content

Gold is never admired until it passes through fire. You count 1 before 2.

 I am not certain on the stage you are right now in your life, but I am sure it’s not a stage to give up

Giving up is never an option. 

Life is a gradual process, don’t rush life. 

When next you get really scared and depressed or feel like things ain’t working out; take a few days off work, go out with friends, do fun stuff, clear your heads of some thoughts, take a break, get closer to God, etc. 

Afterward, bounce back to work and keep pushing. The journey to greatness can be likened to the journey of being a man. There is this popular Nigeria slang “To be a man is not a Day’s job” same as achieving success.

The road to success ain’t all rosy, but with determination persistence, and consistency you can live that which you dream of



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