A Brand visibility consultant, with expertise in copywriting, content writing/marketing. Co-founder of Agency Digital Marketing-personal branding Facebook community, a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and brands who are interested in attaining global relevance and maximum business and brands growth using tech and digital marketing strategies 

An addicted lover of Tech. and innovation

I envision Technology as a must embrace for all young students, professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, religious leaders, etc. 

Most Youths, especially African Youths have this ideology that Technology is Man’s greatest enemy. 

They are yet to keep sentiments aside and understand that technology has no emotions. 

Yes, Technology is going to render a lot of people jobless,  at the same time it will also create a lot of job opportunities for those that will embrace the wheel


Unfortunately, a lot of people rather than embracing the wheel, updating their tech skills and reinventing themselves in preparation for what lies ahead, they resolve to fight the chain (an already lost battle)


My Tech. utmost goal is to redirect and restructure the minds of many African Youths to embrace technology and rewrite the Tech. Mindsets of many Africans through Tech. Speaking. Hence my undying love for Tech. Speaking and public speaking.

Aside from being a Chemical Engineer by profession. My love for Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs has been a constant fuel and inspiration and the brain behind my relentless Journey in Digital Marketing.

My vision is to impact the lives of many, especially youths, help Start-up companies and Entrepreneurs achieve their dream business height and financial independence with my deep-rooted knowledge of Digital Marketing and Technology.

Different people have their different yardstick for measuring success. 

To some people, accumulated wealth is their yardstick for measuring success. 

To some others, it is power and political positions, etc. 

But to me, the rate of one’s impact on people’s lives is the greatest yardstick for measuring success.


My greatest motivation is “to not just exist in this life, but live a successful life. You too can take that as your greatest motivation.

I wasn’t always this goal-oriented and ultimately focused, let me take you on a far back journey to how it all began


No doubt I have always been smart and intelligent. Won lots of competitions, scholarships, and prices right from my tender age. But indeed, knowledge isn’t wisdom. 

You can have the best degree in this world, but without wisdom, you will end up as a nobody.

Wisdom will give you the best intuition on how to make use of what you know to achieve what you want and deserve. Wisdom will prompt you to set a well-defined road map for your life and work towards it diligently.

I spent the early years of my life in the Catholic convent aspiring to become a Rev. Sr. of the Roman Catholic Church. Left Convent at the completion of my WAEC exams (Senior Secondary Certification Examination)

While in the convent, my life was streamlined and centered on my aspirations. In fact, life was interesting and quite simple then.


On leaving the convent, I came in terms with the complexity of life. I realized prior to my initial belief that life ain’t simple and easy at all


For someone like me that spent a good number of years and a better chunk of my life in a confined and holy place(convent), free from the complexities of life, it was indeed a nightmare adapting to life outside the 4 walls of the convent (The world)

I was confused, naive, without goals, purpose, direction (prior to then, the only goal and purpose I knew were that of becoming a Rev. Sr.), etc. It was hell.

I found my way into the higher institution to study Chemical Engineering. I can’t categorically say that I applied to study Engineering because I was passionate about it. 

My Matriculation

To be sincere, I applied to study Engineering based on my findings from my countless research of profitable career paths in my country Nigeria then. 

The salary of oil company workers was my greatest motivation into pursuing a career in Engineering



While in the university, I put in my best into getting a good grade

At that point, all I wanted was a good grade that will foster my employment in the oil sector. I was myopic in my judgment of life and how it works. 

I was book-centered or should I say a book worm. Anything outside my book was a waste of time for me. I deleted my social media accounts, my social life was completely zero. 


After my 1st year at the university, I went home for the end of the session break. While at home, I went through my University’s 2nd-year syllabus and academic calendar. Lo and behold, programming (C++ and Matlab) was compulsory for all 2nd year Engineering students

At that point in my life, my utmost goal was to graduate with a good grade and get employed in an oil company, and in order to achieve this goal, I needed a good grade in all my courses including programming. 

During that holiday, I enrolled in a programming class with a programming guru in PortHarcourt. The intention was to learn all I needed to make a good grade in my programming course, but along the line, I fell in love with programming and Tech at large. 

It then dawned on me that I focused so much on my academics ignoring the obvious change in the world and technology at large. I realized that the social media accounts I deleted were an obvious weapon of the new economy

I made a decision to embrace technology and make a future out of it and that became my new goal


One key factor that enhanced my journey in the tech world was the friends and the kind of company I kept. I surrounded myself with like-minded people in line with my new Tech Goal

Technology indeed changed me and my mindset in a lot of ways

The tech. world is indeed broad and complex and that became a major challenge

I knew I wanted to be Tech. Inclined, but in what niche? and what field of Tech.

Well, I am a fan of learning, so I ventured into the Tech. Industry ready to learn all that needed to be learned

Started out with basic programming, then I advanced to become an Embedded system developer. Learnt Embedded System and Robotics with Oseke Tech Academy in Warri, a subsidiary of Oseke Tech. Company. 


By the way, that’s the best Robotic company in Nigeria, Owned by Engr. Osas Omejie, a tech Hero in  Nigeria Tech. Industry. The brain behind the first Touchless phone Technology in Nigeria

It was an awesome experience.

Along the line, I noticed that a lot of young people are still ignorant of the advancement of technology in the world at large

That fueled and fostered my Tech. Utmost goal. My Tech. utmost goal is to redirect and restructure the minds of many African Youths to embrace technology and rewrite the Tech. Mindsets of many Africans through Tech. Speaking hence my undying love for Tech. Speaking

Well, my Tech. Love became ultimately visible in my school also. I was elected the first Female NSE (Nigeria Society of Engineer) Technical and Innovation director FUPRE (Federal University Of Petroleum Resources Effurum) chapter. 

As the NSE Technical and Innovation Director, I noticed an obvious common error with many innovators and inventors. A lot of young entrepreneurs have great innovation and inventions which are not known to many.

You can have the best innovation, invention, product, etc but if you don’t know how to get it out in the faces of the audience, your invention and innovation will remain the best to just you and your friends. And this is the problem of many Techpreneurs. 

This obvious problem in Tech. World fostered my journey into the digital marketing world with the aim of using digital marketing strategies to help startups, brands, innovators, inventors, etc with top-notch marketing strategies to foster their brand’s visibility & growth and get their products in front of the right audience.


My Tech.  journey exposed me to a lot of factual realities. Prior to my initial belief that good grade = better job employment. I realized that the world has advanced past that level. Companies employ you based on what you can offer and not what your certificate says you know. Hence the need for all entrepreneurs to acquire relevant skills and brace themselves up for global relevance.


John Obidi’s talk on ” Skils Of The New Economy” during the 2020 Headstart Summit amidst Covid19 pandemic on the “skills of the New Economy” was the exact motivation I needed in acquiring more relevant skills. He listed 4 relevant skills of the new economy of which web creation was part of them. Those 4 skills became my Covid19 break goals


It’s one thing to attend seminars and webinars and it is yet another to apply and implement what you learned. By the creation of this my website personally, I can say that I have finally actualized all my Covid19 break goals(the 4 skills of the new economy as outlined by John Obidi).


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Life is a journey. I don’t know the level you are now in your journey just “KEEP MOVING”. I can’t say categorically if my life pace is slow or fast, but one thing is certain “I am always moving”.  Become the most, choose yourself and always be intentional. If you can dream it. you can live it.